Sunday, July 19, 2009

chapter one, part three

"you guys are my friends? but your wolves! dogs always dissapear near wolves!" I said quickly. The wolf that had stepped up said, "there are some times dogs who are invited into wolf packs, and todays your lucky day, because I'm inviting you to our pack." One of the other wolves spoke in a panicky voice, "what? you want to invite him into our pack? look how tiny he is! he will not be fast at all and he cant hunt!" Then the other wolf said, "no, with our help he can survive!" Then suddenly the one that hated Koda ran ahead of him, and just stood with his back turned. "I'm afraid I'm ganna have to get rid of this dog myself then, because if there are more mouths to feed, we might not make it." I suddenly blasted off running, he had his back still turned until I ran past him, then he became angry and chased after me. But, I was in luck, that wolf was taken down by the wolf that liked me so much. the wolf whispered something, and that wolf that hated me so much smiled, and turned back towards the pack. The others ushered me forward, there where 4 of them and one me, and I knew that with there help, I WOULD survive, no matter what that other wolf had said.