Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chapter one, Part four

I followed the wolves to a big cave surrounded by forest. It smelt of dead animals and of wolves. Of course, the wolf scent was very strong. I stared in amazement, because there were carvings on the cave wall. "I see that you've seen the carvings, they where here when we came to call this place home, and they were made by our enemy" the wolf who liked me said. "Who's the enemy.. um.. mister wolf" I asked. The wolf laughed, "call me Kallik, and the enemy is a fierce creature that walks on two legs and tries to rule everything." I decided not to mention that I had grown up with the enemy, who's real name was human.
The wolves then gave me a share of meat, which I chowed down in an instant. Kallik was talking to the wolf who hated me, who happened to be named Thourgh, and Thourgh was just staring at me frowning.Kallik then said to me, "so um dog, wanna go hunting?" I looked at him and said, "Koda. My name is Koda. and yes! hunting would be just fine!"