Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chapter one, Part four

I followed the wolves to a big cave surrounded by forest. It smelt of dead animals and of wolves. Of course, the wolf scent was very strong. I stared in amazement, because there were carvings on the cave wall. "I see that you've seen the carvings, they where here when we came to call this place home, and they were made by our enemy" the wolf who liked me said. "Who's the enemy.. um.. mister wolf" I asked. The wolf laughed, "call me Kallik, and the enemy is a fierce creature that walks on two legs and tries to rule everything." I decided not to mention that I had grown up with the enemy, who's real name was human.
The wolves then gave me a share of meat, which I chowed down in an instant. Kallik was talking to the wolf who hated me, who happened to be named Thourgh, and Thourgh was just staring at me frowning.Kallik then said to me, "so um dog, wanna go hunting?" I looked at him and said, "Koda. My name is Koda. and yes! hunting would be just fine!"

Sunday, July 19, 2009

chapter one, part three

"you guys are my friends? but your wolves! dogs always dissapear near wolves!" I said quickly. The wolf that had stepped up said, "there are some times dogs who are invited into wolf packs, and todays your lucky day, because I'm inviting you to our pack." One of the other wolves spoke in a panicky voice, "what? you want to invite him into our pack? look how tiny he is! he will not be fast at all and he cant hunt!" Then the other wolf said, "no, with our help he can survive!" Then suddenly the one that hated Koda ran ahead of him, and just stood with his back turned. "I'm afraid I'm ganna have to get rid of this dog myself then, because if there are more mouths to feed, we might not make it." I suddenly blasted off running, he had his back still turned until I ran past him, then he became angry and chased after me. But, I was in luck, that wolf was taken down by the wolf that liked me so much. the wolf whispered something, and that wolf that hated me so much smiled, and turned back towards the pack. The others ushered me forward, there where 4 of them and one me, and I knew that with there help, I WOULD survive, no matter what that other wolf had said.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Chapter one, Part two

It had been a few days since I had been dropped off, and I was very nervous. My food supply had been running low, there were bears in the area, and I knew that the pack of wolves that also lived here would get me soon. I was not made for living out doors, I was made for home life. I knew though, that I had to try and survive the best I could. But then, I smelled something that startled me.
"Hello?" I called, and the answer I got was a howl. The wolves were here. I barked, and then zoomed in one area, until I heard a wolf howling there. I knew I was trapped, I had been told tales before of dogs strangly disappearing with wolf smells in the area. I new I was done for as there were wolves howling and talking on all sides of me now. I was surrounded. "Soo Kallik, what animal do you think this is?" One of the wolves had said.
Then, they came into the clearing I was at. I barked at then threatiningly, but all they did was laugh. Then one stepped up and said, "Don't worry, we are your friends."

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Chapter one, Part one

Hey, I'm Koda, a 9 year old Pembroke Welsh corgi. I live in a nice comfortable house with a small family of 2 kids and 2 parents. I have over a dozen toys, go out on 3 walks a day, and am treated with respect. But life wasn't always that great, before, when I was merely 3, something tragic happened. This is my story.

My people were taking me out for a drive, and boy was I excited! Car drives usually resulted in long walks in the woods or around lakes. The car then stopped, and wait a moment, why are my people not putting my leash on me? I had wondered. "Bye Koda," They told me, opening the door. Because the car door was open, I just had to run off! And of course, I did. But, to my surprise, rather than trying to get me, my people dropped down my toys and a big bag of kibble, and drove off.
I quickly realized what happened, How could I, Koda, a 3 year old Pembroke welsh corgi, be dropped off into the wilderness? The kibble would only last a few days, I knew, because of my huge appetite, and then, after that, I was a goner. "Hello, can some one help me?" I had called and called all through that night, but all that had greeted me was silence.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Before it all starts...

Before it all starts, the story that is, is going to be explained. It is going to be following a corgi who's dumped out into the wild Alaskan wilderness, it will be from the corgis point of view (like my other blog) so that the story makes more sense. Here is the description.

At 3 years of age, a Pembroke welsh corgi named Koda is dumped off in the Alaskan wilderness by a family who thinks he's to old to be cute. Confused, he wanders around looking for signs of people so that he can get help. During his travels Koda meets his fears, Earns friendship, and learn what life is really about.

Thats the description of a corgis tale.