Sunday, June 28, 2009

Chapter one, Part two

It had been a few days since I had been dropped off, and I was very nervous. My food supply had been running low, there were bears in the area, and I knew that the pack of wolves that also lived here would get me soon. I was not made for living out doors, I was made for home life. I knew though, that I had to try and survive the best I could. But then, I smelled something that startled me.
"Hello?" I called, and the answer I got was a howl. The wolves were here. I barked, and then zoomed in one area, until I heard a wolf howling there. I knew I was trapped, I had been told tales before of dogs strangly disappearing with wolf smells in the area. I new I was done for as there were wolves howling and talking on all sides of me now. I was surrounded. "Soo Kallik, what animal do you think this is?" One of the wolves had said.
Then, they came into the clearing I was at. I barked at then threatiningly, but all they did was laugh. Then one stepped up and said, "Don't worry, we are your friends."


  1. I'm so glad the wolves were your friends! I wouldn't want you to be harmed by them in any way


  2. Sure hope that wolf was telling the truth! I'd be watching them closely for a while!

    I'll have to get Mama OC and Dott to follow too, once they get over this hormonal thing that's goin' on with them! BG

  3. Quite an adventure! I'm reading it to all of the Corgis sitting around the computer. They are biting their nails and asking for popcorn.