Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Chapter one, Part one

Hey, I'm Koda, a 9 year old Pembroke Welsh corgi. I live in a nice comfortable house with a small family of 2 kids and 2 parents. I have over a dozen toys, go out on 3 walks a day, and am treated with respect. But life wasn't always that great, before, when I was merely 3, something tragic happened. This is my story.

My people were taking me out for a drive, and boy was I excited! Car drives usually resulted in long walks in the woods or around lakes. The car then stopped, and wait a moment, why are my people not putting my leash on me? I had wondered. "Bye Koda," They told me, opening the door. Because the car door was open, I just had to run off! And of course, I did. But, to my surprise, rather than trying to get me, my people dropped down my toys and a big bag of kibble, and drove off.
I quickly realized what happened, How could I, Koda, a 3 year old Pembroke welsh corgi, be dropped off into the wilderness? The kibble would only last a few days, I knew, because of my huge appetite, and then, after that, I was a goner. "Hello, can some one help me?" I had called and called all through that night, but all that had greeted me was silence.


  1. oh what a sad start; I'm glad you began also that he was now in a loving family

    how dare someone drop off a corgi like this!

    looking forward to reading more


  2. OOOOooo, We agree with Betty and her Koda! It IS good that you started off telling us that he is happy now, cause otherwise, this would be WAY wrong!!!

    Since Mom's sister deals with abandoned dogs a lot, and we foster some of them, we know it happens (look at my grandpa, Bud and at Doug) but Mom thinks it's just UNSPEAKABLE!!!

    I'm so glad that will NEVER happen to me, but I'll bet I could survive! Us Corgis are SMART! BG